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A guide is often the difference between a good tour and a great tour. Back-Roads Touring guides hail from a wide range of backgrounds and have different styles and character but all share the same passion for travel and a commitment to ensure your to journey will be an enriching and memorable one. They are there to ensure the smooth running of the tour, however, they become part of the group and more like a travelling companion and will join the group dinners so you can all share stories from the day. All guides have to pass rigorous EU driving tests and will safely drive you on your tour, offering fascinating commentary about the local area and point out interesting sites along the way. Their knowledge and experience means they are best placed to offer recommendations and help with any language barriers so you can just relax and learn more about the local culture and heritage. Small group tours by their nature lend themselves to greater flexibility and it is our guides who will discuss various daily options with the group so no two tours are the same!

Our battlefield guides are all members of the Guild of Battlefield guides and share a passion for the topic. They are particular interested in taking our guests so sites where their ancestors, family members or friends once fought- please let us know if you have a personal story you would like to follow at the time of booking so we can help make your journey a tuly memorable one.


Andy Steel
Andy Steel Expert Battlefield Tour GuideA Back-Roads Touring guide for three years, Andy has a colourful past, having worked as a detective in the British police force both in the UK and France where he was involved in various covert operations (he will readily tell you more about life in the force and working with the French police if you ask him!). Andy won our ‘Back- Roads Touring guide of the Year’ award in 2010 for his outstanding performance during the season and we are delighted that he is able to continue with us in 2012. Andy speaks fluent French, and after having lived in France for over four years, he knows some great little places to visit off the tourist trail.
If you are looking for a great little place to eat – Andy is your man to offer recommendations. He is also one of our talented Battlefield guides and enjoys taking tours to the Western Front. Always helpful and charismatic, Andy will ensure you really enjoy you tour and have an informative and memorable tour.

Tony Wade
Tony Wade Expert Battlefield Tour GuideTony has been guiding with us since 2007. He is another of our ex-military guides having spent time with both the Canadian and American forces in some of the world’s trouble spots and has lived in both Holland and Germany working with multinational forces. A stint with the United Nations Australian contingent completed a military career whereupon he returned to his home city and served as a detective within the Police service. An historian at heart, he is particularly interested in how wars impact the social history of the participants and he enjoys sharing his 30 year hobby. Currently living in Southern England he supports his wife’s passion for race horses and can be found taking Back-Roads tours through the UK and on the Western Front. You will have to excuse his Liverpool accent, but you if you travel with Tony you will find him a very charming guide and he has many friends who still keep in touch after their tour.

Mark Banning
Mark Banning Expert Battlefield Tour Guide“Working as a guide for Back-Roads Touring continues to be remarkable experience for me. The greatest privilege is to accompany a relative to the grave of a fallen soldier, one of the many from around the world that lie at peace in the many cemeteries scattered in the region. It is humbling to know what these men did – and it can be equally humbling to share stories with family members visiting them. What these men did and the conditions they faced in the trenches were unlike anything we can ever comprehend. However, I believe these tours are the closest we can get trying to appreciate their valour.”

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